Saturday, December 15, 2007

Observation - Laundromats

So I am at the laundromat today doing copious amounts of laundry (my own fault because I put it off as long as possible). The laundromat that I go to is pretty typical. It has the standard machines stacked on top of each other, a few tables to fold clothes on, and not enough chairs. The place tends to be pretty busy, so sometimes you are forced to use the dryers on the bottom. This is a painful experience. The rollong carriages for your wet (heavy) clothes are yall enough that you need to move this cumbersome pile of wet clothes up out of the carriage, over the carriage wall, down. To the low level of the dryer, and in. It is an awkward, almost painful excercise. I have a few ideas on how it could be fixed, but my clothes are about to be dry, so I must go. How would you solve it?

-Christopher Paul

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