Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ineffecient ATM

So I'm at the bank today waiting in line, and I hear an ATM beeping. I look over and someone had left their card in the ATM, after a few seconds, the ATM ate the card. No the poor guy has to go and get a replacement card, which takes about 2 weeks.

I think they should redesign the ATMs so the money comes out last. Someone might forget a receipt or their card because they do not go to the ATM for the explicit reason of getting a receipt or getting back their card. Whatever the percentage of people who leave their card in the machine is, I would bet that the percentage of people who would walk away without the money (the sole item that they went to the ATM for) would be orders of magnitude less

-Christopher Loughnane

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Anonymous said...

You'd be surprised how frequently this happens. For some people its a full time job, waiting for it to happen. At a good location with 2 or more atms side by side I've seen it happen 5 times or so on a weekend night. Of course no one waits for the machine to beep, you have to know what the particular screen looks like so you can wait across the street and run to the machine as soon as you see it. I don't feel guilty cuz, hey I'm homeless and need the $$, and the people get all their money back so long as they report the card missing within 2 days. Insurance or FDIC ponies up the amount that I "borrow". Me and my crew refer to our job as 'Finders Keepers'.