Friday, December 7, 2007

Ergonomic Water bubbler

Ah the ubiquitous water cooler. Its presence has permeated, literally, trillions of offices worldwide. I had used them before, but never really on a regular basis until recently. I began drinking caffeinated tea to kick my energy drink addiction. This resulted in 4-5 trips to the cooler a day, minimum.

I came to realize, I despise the water cooler. You have to stay bent over for (depending on your container) 15-45 seconds. This can cause a little bit of stiffness in the back, especially if you have been spending most of the day sitting in a chair.
I knew there must be a reason that every water cooler in the world had been designed with such a blatant disregard for human physiology.

Luckily , my boss had worked on developing a water cooler for pur. He enlightened me as to the nature of my dilemma. The reason you cant move the dispensers up while keeping the water container stationary is that the dispensers must stay below the bottom of the container as the flow always goes from top to bottom. The reason you cant raise both the container and dispensers is that the higher the container, the more difficult the container is to replace, the more likely spills are to occur.

My solution is fairly simple. Springs. Have the container rest on springs so that as water drains, the container becomes lighter, and the springs displace the container higher (F=kx baby). This way, you can ensure that the water level stays above the higher placed dispensers.

Stupid idea? Please tell me. These things just come and go

-Christopher Paul

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