Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ideals - from 2D to 3D

If you don't know the name Chris Jordan, you have probably seen his photographic arts.  I enjoy the photos because they so vividly portray that which most of us can barely see: consumerism.  My fondness for these photos is anecdotal; the point I am trying to make is that I am not the only one who enjoys it... they are very popular.

This popularity got me thinking.  It is en vogue (appropriately) to think of products as "experiences", and to give products features that facilitate emotional attachment to the user. To that end, what is more emotional to people than their ideals? Think of anyone you know, I am sure they take pride in being _____.  Urban, religious, thrifty, southern, northern, vegetarian, etc.  The point is that if people enjoy looking at a two dimensional piece of art that reaffirms their ideals (as Jordan's photos reaffirm my anti-consumerist bent), imagine the connection that could be made between an individual and a tangible object whose shape agrees with that person's ideals.

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